Summer Sports (July-September)


During the summer season we offer a variety of sports all of which are part of the EKS (Eunice Kennedy Shriver) Games. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the found of Special Olympics. 

Softball is available for all ability levels. We have traditional teams and coach pitch teams, where the coach pitches to his to his team instead of the opposing team pitching to you. There is also a skills division where you work on hitting, catching, or throwing without the pressure of team play. Competitions are categorized by team or individual ability levels.

Cross Country This sport offers short ad long distance running or walking, so it's a fun sport for everyone. It's a fun activity and especially fun running and walking outside int he sunshine.

Triathalon This is a newer sport for our county. You can compete individual and swim, bike and run the course on your own or you can join a relay team and use your best skill to help your team complete the course. So...would you prefer to swim, bicycle, or run? Or are you the athlete than can do it all by yourself?

Corn Toss You've probably enjoyed this with family and friends, but with Special Olympics, this is also a sport. You can play and practice for fun or competition. Again, competitions are based on scores submitted, so you will play against athletes of similar ability levels.